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The Fake Repeal of Oklahoma Common Core Standards-ESEA Flex is in Place

Governor Mary Fallin signs bill repealing the Common Core, but is it true?

The fake under-pinnings of this fake maneuver by the Governor of Oklahoma proves the unorthodox ways the education establishment will continue to use deceptive tactics to pull the wool over the parents and constituents of Oklahoma. The headlines will rave about the HB 3399 as a major victory for Oklahoma against the terrible evils for federal takeover of education to do away with Common Core Standards. NOT TRUE!

All along the Governor and the Secretary of Education moved in stealth form to amend their ESEA Flexibility Waiver dated April 4, 2014. They changed the words of “Common Core.” College Career Citizenship Standards are called C3 as on the front of their flexibility waiver, and has renamed their standards, Oklahoma Academic Standards, which includes the Common Core Standards. This move has been very deceptive when most parents fighting Common Core thought they have won the battle.
( Scroll down 28 pages of the waiver extension)

In the words of Governor Fallin, “The words ‘Common Core’ in Oklahoma are now so divisive that they have become a distraction that interferes with our mission of providing the best education possible for our children,” Fallin said. So the Governor is using the momentum against Common Core to continue the federal agenda by signing onto the ESEA Flexibility Waiver. Fallin is current Chairman of the National Governors Association, which is one of the organizations that copyrighted the Common Core in the first place.

Page 18 of the bill HB 3399 makes Oklahoma Academic Standards law by including Common Core into the ESEA Flexibility Waiver that was just updated on April 4, 2014. This move by the legislature makes Oklahoma Academic Standards law which include Common Core in their state. Page 18.

The new message for ALL states: Dispose of the name Common Core because it is too controversial. Incorporate the Common Core into your ” academic” standards and approve them within your OWN state standards. Therefore, parents, legislators, and the public at large, will THINK the Common Core is gone.

BEWARE: Look at your state ESEA Flexibility Waiver.

The waiver will tell you that Common Core are the standards that are renamed. The waiver will also explain that your poverty guidelines are removed making ALL schools Title I. ALL children in a Title I school will have the funding ” follow that child.” The schools are called priority or focus schools. Those schools will use ” turn-around” principles to target your school for interventions. Please study the principles for each action that your state MUST take. This allows the IDEA (special Ed) funds to be used for interventions for your child forcing them into compliance toward those college and career ready standards. The techniques used under IDEA are called Response to Intervention, Response to Instruction, and sometimes called both, Response to Instruction and Intervention. [RTI] The waivers are everything in the main Re-Authorization of ESEA, but without the federal CHOICE to private and religious schools, However, Duncan and Obama put CHOICE as an intervention in the waiver. The waiver principles also calls for removing any principal or teacher that does not comply and puts in place extreme VAM value added measurement models for forcing the teachers to teach to the standards.
Total quality management for complete control of education. Please see my article entitled,
Obama’s Dream Come True, Nationalizing Education

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