Reporting on Current Obama Education Policies

Use the 5 Magic Questions developed by Anita Hoge to fight subjective & vague Common Core-College & Career Ready Standards.

1. How do you measure that standard?
For example: If one of the Common Core-College & Career Standards state that “all children must have ethical judgment, honesty, or integrity,” what exactly is going to be measured? How do you measure a bias in a child? Must children be diagnosed? Will they be graded by observation or take a pencil-and-paper test? How will performance or behavior be assessed? Are the standards meant to change personality? These are subjective and vague standards that cannot be measured to a criterion unless we are molding all children to cookie cutter status.

2. How is that standard scored, or what is the right answer on the state assessments that mimics the federal test?
What behavior is “appropriate” and to what degree? For example, how much self-esteem is too much or not enough to graduate? How do you score honesty? Responsibility? Can government score the attitudes and values of its citizens in a pluralistic society? Will students get grades on personality traits?

3. Who decided what that standard will be?
The Common Core Standards are copyrighted by the National Governor’s Association & the Chief State School Officers creating a de-facto national curriculum. Once a state accepts the common core standards & federal funding for Race to the Top, the authority, power, & control is removed from the local & state level. The federal government now controls the mandated graduation requirement, or Common Core Standards reaching down to the individual child. This bypasses all local autonomy. What about locally elected school directors – will they become obsolete? Are we talking about a state or government diploma or work certificate?

4. How will my child be remediated?
What are you going to do to my child to change him/her from here-to-there in their attitudes, values, & dispositions in order to graduate? How do you remediate ethical judgment, decision making, interpersonal skills, environmental attitudes, adapting to change? What techniques will be used? What risks are involved? What justification does the government have to change my child’s attitudes & personality? Will everyone think the same to the same standard?

5. What if parent and government disagree on the standard or how it is measured in the classroom?
Who has the ultimate authority over the child … parents or the state? What about privacy? Can parents opt out of a graduation requirement mandated by the government?