Reporting on Current Obama Education Policies


This education model is a recurring, failed education model being duplicated with new names over the past several decades. The reference to a student is “human capital.” This value-added definition addresses the worth of an individual to business. There are many older names for Outcome Based Education. Common Core State Standards, CCSS, is the newest name. Older names are Competency Based Education, Performance Based Education, Mastery Learning Model, & Student Centered Learning. The key to this model deals with the individual meeting learning outcomes or standards. The model is un-natural & does not identify individual differences in people. The focus is removed from a teacher changing & teaching the curriculum with curriculum objectives, to a student meeting specific controlled outcomes; removing the Carnegie Unit (ABCD or failure); no longer will the student go to school 180 days or seat time, to no time limit for meeting outcomes; no more grade delineations like freshman, sophomore, junior, senior; and a transformation from teaching content toward teaching ‘standards only’ driven by constant assessments & testing.

A Total Quality Management system, TQM, or MBO, management by objectives, will be used to control these outcomes creating a national curriculum, national teacher certification system, and national testing all conforming to the Common Core State Standards. This is why the CCSS are copyrighted. They must be duplicated in all 50 states- standardization. Teachers, curriculum, & assessment will use feedback loop control to control all three of these aspects for students to meet standards under the eye of government compliance. Talking Papers illustrate the concept of the “dumbing down” process that will be used to control student achievement and control student attitudes & values to a collectivist viewpoint. The key is the individual student meeting these standards controlled by the federal government nationalizing education in the United States.


Anita Hoge’s Talking Papers 1995