Reporting on Current Obama Education Policies

This following list are states that use the FERPA loopholes. I have links from specific states that use a template or have a policy to access your childs personally identifiable information. Use the templates as your basis to request the contracts in your state to actually see WHO has your personally identifiable information.

Ohio Data MOU written agreements for Research

Ohio MOU Template

Ohio Data Sharing Agreement

Maine Data Sharing Agreement

Pennsylvania Data Sharing Agreement
Penn Research Requests

Pennsylvania Student Data Access Policy

Pennsylvania Request Documents;//;80/portal/

Pennsylvania Confidential Data Release;//;80/portal/

Pennsylvania Letter of Intent;//;80/portal/

Pennsylvania Student Data Access Policy

Louisiana Data sharing agreement

Kentucky data sharing agreement

Connecticut data sharing agreement

Illinois Data Sharing Agreements

Nevada Data Sharing agreements

Colorado Data Sharing Agreement

Oklahoma Data sharing info

South Dakota Data Sharing

Delaware Data Sharing Agreement

Indiana data sharing agreement

New Mexico Data sharing agreement

Kansas Data sharing agreement

Florida Data Sharing Agreement

West Virginia Data Policy Data Agreements /Page 45+

New Hampshire Privacy Legislation
NH Data sharing agreement

North Carolina Data Sharing Agreement

Massachusetts privacy FERPA

District of Colombia (DC) Data Sharing Agreement

College Board Data Sharing Agreement

Research Papers

Strong Foundations /States with Data Sharing Agreements

Bridging the Divide University if Virginia

Promise Neighborhood Data Sharing Prototypes

States That Are Making it Work


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